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Car rental in reunion roland garros airport, saint-denis

Go straight to the Jumbo Car desk (building on your right when leaving the airport building)

Roland Garros Airport

Aéroport Roland Garros
97438 Saint Denis - Réunion

Phone : +262262535372
Fax :

Opening hours

Every day from 6.30am to 9pm

Agency Manager

Roland garros airport

Saint Denis - Roland garros airport

Car rental in Saint Denis Roland Garros Airport

Pick up your car rental as soon as you land in Reunion island. Jumbo Car is located directly at the airport. To find us, head for the Jumbocar desk located on the left side of the main airport building. Jumbocar is the No.1 car rental agency in French overseas departments and offers a wide range of fuel-efficient and family vehicles, including van rentals. You can choose from 4 Jumbocar car rental agencies located throughout Réunion Island. So book your Réunion airport car rental with Jumbocar Réunion now!